United Electronic Controls

United Electric Controls, introduces Vanguard, the brand new toxic and combustible gas detector: it is both WirelessHART® 7.2 and 100% wireless; it has a 2.4 GHz Antenna and allows a seamless integration with any existing WirelessHART® network and asset management system without any problem.


Toxic and combustible gas detector

For the time being two sensors are available: non-dispersive infrared for Methane (CH4) and electrochemical for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S); very soon Ammonia and Carbon Monoxide will be added to the range of available sensors. The sensors (interchangeable) can be configured, calibrated and tested onsite with the touch of a button. The data transmission rate can be adjusted between 8 and 3,600 second. The life’s battery is guaranteed by the manufacturer 5 years, referred to 8 second of update rate. The detector transmits and displays gas concentration, days from latest calibration, power available and temperature. These data are frozen on the display till the next transmission, saving precious energy. Vanguard is approved for Explosion proof and Intrinsically Safe use and is certified ATEX, IECEX and UL.

Source:  United Electronic Controls