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ASK Chemicals

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Company Profile

ASK Chemicals is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables. The comprehensive product and service portfolio extends from binders, coatings, feeders, filters and release agents to metallurgical products including inoculants, Mg-treatment and inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting. Core manufacturing and development of prototypes as well as a broad offer of simulation services complete the range of supply.

ASK Chemicals is represented in 25 countries with 30 sites, 20 of which operate their own production, and employs more than 1,500 people worldwide. With research and development in Europe, America and Asia, ASK Chemicals sees itself as the driving force behind industry-specific innovations and is committed to offering customers a consistently high level of quality. Flexibility, quickness, quality and sustainability as well as cost-effective products and services are of key importance.


PU Cold Box Binder
- Epoxy-SO2-System / ISOSE
- Resol-CO2-System / NOVANOL
- No-Bake Binder Systems
- INOTEC Binder System
- Inorganic No-Bake
- Coatings- Additives
- Metallurgy Products  (ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH)

ASK Chemicals Bendorf branch is located Bendorf / Rhein / Germany is manufacturing and supplying filters and feeding systems to the foundry industry.
The portfolio comprises a considerably wide and innovative range of inorganic and cold-box bonded, highly exothermic, or isolating risers that are available in fluorine-free or low-fluorine versions.

The mini-risers are available with rigid pins or spring pins and therefore they are suited to different applications on various molding lines and in various different molding processes.

The portfolio is rounded off by ceramic foam filters and pressed filters that are optimally adapted to the respective material or molding process.

The simulation of the casting process provides foundries with relevant information for the optimization of gating and feeding systems. In-gate-systems, riser geometries and positioning of the risers are optimally adapted.


- Exothermic products
- Gating technology
- Filtration
- Simulation


Mini risers and riser caps in various geometries
- Highly exothermic and insulating mixtures
- Fluorine-free and low-fluorine content formulation
- Cold Box and sodium-silicate bonded riser
- Solutions for all different moulding processes
- Dynamic feeding systems and risers with breaker cores
- Feeding systems for iron and steel castings as well as for Non Iron casting


- Ceramic foam filters
- SiC filters
- Pressed filters
- Filters for steel, aluminum applications or investment castings
- Screening filters, strainer cores