ASK Chemicals CoreTech GmbH

ASK Chemicals CoreTech GmbH

Crumbacher Strasse 54
34277 Fuldabrück-Bergshausen
Email: joerg.knechten(at)
Phone: +49 561-589860
Fax: +49 561-5898611

Company Profile

ASK Chemicals Core Tech is working hand-in-hand with the foundry industry and leading automotive suppliers. We are a high-performance certified core manufacturer, who is looking for practicable solutions in close cooperation with our customers to help in case of capacity bottlenecks or in case of special demands with complex core geometries.

Besides planning and production of prototypes, we offer serial core production as well as just in time logistic solutions for our customers.

We are using the following manufacturing methods: Cold Box, Hot Box, Croning® is a registered trademark of ACTech GmbH or inorganic processes.

Our plant in Moosburg is fully dedicated to the manufacture of inorganic cores.

ASK Chemicals Core Tech has proven to be a strong partner to the foundry industry with an excellent performance of an experienced sales and technical service team.

- Core shop materials
- Toll manufacturing

- Toll manufacturing
- Cold Box core manufacturing
- Hot Box core manufacturing
- Inorganic core production
- Core production in croning* process

*Croning® is a registered trademark of ACTech GmbH.