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Experience pays
For more than 25 years the name ELECTRONICS has been a guarantee for performance, precision, reliability and quality in the development of measuring systems for the diecasting industry. Our customers include automotive suppliers and well-known European car manufacturers.

Success can be measured
As a leading manufacturer of process data measuring systems for die-casting machines we provide our customers with day-to-day support in optimising their production processes. A reliable process flow and dependable documentation are just as important for success as the reduction of rejects and optimal reproducibility of cast parts – goals that are easy to regulate, control and measure. Decades of experience, sound expertise and an understanding of the parameters that are decisive for the die-casting process make our company a sought-after system partner - worldwide.

Quality is decisive
Tough international competition, increased customer demands and legal requirements - for example concerning product liability - constantly increase the demands made on modern die-casting and the respective quality management system. A company can only be successful on the market if a high quality of die-cast parts is guaranteed.

We offer our customers the right solutions to meet these high demands: ELECTRONICS process data measuring systems