Gauss Automazione S.r.l.

Gauss Automazione S.r.l.

Via Trento 178
25020 Capriano Del Colle (Brescia)
Phone: +39 030/9749300
Fax: +39 030/9748213

Gauss Automazione, established in 1967, is specialised in supplying work cells for gravity and low pressure diecasting, mainly for the automotive industry.

During the last 45 years Gauss has concentrated on the gravity casting process (pouring, automation, control of die temperature, extraction, pre-finishing, etc.).

From feasibility to technical support during start-up and the start of production: Gauss not only produces systems, but integrated turnkey solutions for the gravity foundry with total flexibility

Thanks to such great experience, gained all over the world with the most important automotive OEM, Gauss offer today also technological solutions for the low pressure die casting process.

• Engineering and realization of gravity die casting cells in linear or carousel solution.
• Gravity die casting machines.
• Low pressure die casting machines.
• Management of pouring, extraction and core setting.
• Gantry system or robots.
• Extraction and core setting grippers dedicated for the specific casting
• Sand core and casting handling.
• Pre-finishing integrated cells.