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Company Profil
Founded in 1949, the worldwide operating Kuttner Group designs and builds turnkey plants for the iron, steel, foundry and non-ferrous metal industry, as well as in the field of energy and environmental technology.

The range of services covers all stages of a project starting with expert advice, individual planning, design, delivery of mechanical and electrical equipment and steel construction, installation and commissioning of complete plants with control systems and data processing.

The business unit Foundry Plant Technology projects and supplies state-of-the-art technology meeting even the highest expectations of progressive foundries. First and foremost are built: automatic charging plants, cupola melting plants, processing plants for two different foundry types: for the serial production of green sand castings and for investment castings made in no-bake sands, as well as centrifugal casting plants.


Charging Plants

  • Scrap batching with crane and vibrating feeder
  • Fully automatic charging cranes
  • Kangaroo charging crane
  • Charging cars with pen designCharging cars with noise/dust enclosure
  • Scales, travelling/stationary, weighing belt conveyors
  • Bucket hoists
  • Scrap drying plants for swarf or bales
  • Alloys batching systems
  • Inoculant dosing system

Cupola Melting Plants


  • Hot and cold blast cupola from 5~ 100 t/h capacity
  • Cokeless cupola
    • Bare shell and lined shafts
    • Atmospheric/pressurized siphons
    • Supersonic oxygen injection
  • Dry gas cleaning
    • Complete combustion
    • Recuperative heat recovery
    • Bag house filters

Iron /slag treatment

  • Desulphurization of iron
  • Nodular iron treatment
  • Dry / wet slag granulation
  • Deslagging stands

Castings-Sand Separation

  • Pre-separator shake-outs
  • Variable stroke shake-outs
  • Hooking systems
  • Vibrating shake-out drums
  • Rotating shake-out drums
  • Hot castings transport feeder
  • Hot castings conveying belts,
  • Castings cooling tunnel,
  • Knock off and sorting conveyors before/after shot blasting
  • Shake-outs, stationary and travelling
  • Turn tables
  • Transport systems for boxes

Sand regeneration for resin bonded systems

  • Noise and dust enclosures
  • Shake out, up to 100t load
  • Integrated shake-out & lump breaker
  • Vibrating lump breaker
  • Regeneration plants
    • Mechanical process
    • Thermal process
    • Compact units
  • Airlift for vertical transport of hot sand, up to 600°C
  • Vibrating spiral elevators
  • Screens and cascadic sifters
  • Fluidized bed reactors with cooling, cleaning & sifting
  • Pneumatic transport systems
  • Dedusting plants

Sand preparation for bentonite systems

  • Lump breaker and vibrating screens
  • Belt conveyors and bucket elevators
  • Inclined/vertical conveyors
  • Fluidized bed sand coolers
  • Vibrating conveyors and silo discharge equipment
  • Hopper dosing and weighing equipment
  • Flexible hopper with discharge equipment
  • Dedusting equipment
  • Pneumatic transport system

Centrifugal casting

  • Pouring units
  • Casting machines of hot mould/ de Lavaud-type for:
    • drain/ pressure water pipe
    • cylinder liners
    • liners & pipes in special alloys
    • bearing rings in bronze alloys
  • Electric control with HMI
  • Auxiliary systems


Dust collection and ventilation systems

  • Nozzle plates/whirl hoods
    • Sorting conveyors/Shake-out stations
    • Pouring equipment
    • Iron treatment stands
  • Multi slot collection hoods
    • Sorting conveyors

Process automation

  • Switch boards
  • Basic automation with PLC
  • Process control and visualisation systems
  • Production planning systems
  • iIM Industrial Information management

Robot Automation

  • Vision controlled robots manipulating, cores, filter, inoculation pads
  • with 3D-image processing for mould and core shape control, detection of foreign pieces

Heat recovery, recuperative

  • Furnaces / thermal combustion systems
  • Heat exchangers / recuperators
  • Container heating systems
  • Auxiliary equipment (pump groups, shot cleaning systems etc.)
  • Turnkey plants