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ROBAMAT - a name that stands for reliability proven technology high quality heating and cooling units.

ROBAMAT Automatisierungstechnik GmbH began as a specialist manufacturer of heating and cooling units for high pressure die casting, injection moulding and chemicals industry. The continuation of a powerful concept gives our customers high performance units and Robamat a global presence in the market.


  • 1979 - Robamat was started as a small business located in Gmunden / Austria. The success and reputation of our high quality of our units quickly spread and brought rapid growth in the company which made in...
  • 1988 -  ... a resettlement in new, modern enterprise rooms necessary. In the years...
  • 1994 -  ... an increasing degree of familiarity and innovative development of our...
  • 2000 -  ... units made it necessary to expand the business yet again.

New core breakage inspection system for die casting dies

By consistent development Robamat succeeded in creating a new system for the core breakage inspection. The use of water tempering units particularly for the tempering of cores demands more and more precise inspection methods referring to core breakage. With the new system of Robamat it is possible to recognize core breakages reliably and to transfer signals to the die casting machine.

New Die Cleaning Device 7201

The cleaning as well as the leakage inspection of the tempering channels has been difficult up to now. Robamat developed a unit by which it is easy to handle this task. This unit cleans the die channels of insulating remains of the heat transmission medium and is also able to inspect the leakage of the channels. A flow measuring device is also attached to the unit to check the flow at the die casting die. Hence at use of this die cleaning unit exclusively cleaned and inspected die casting dies are used at the die casting machine. Temp range 80 °C

  • Heating capacity 12 KW
  • Pump capacity 60 ltr/min - 6 bar
  • Tank capacity 180 l
  • L/B/H 1330 / 710 / 1600 mm
  • Weight empty 230 Kg
  • Total weight 410 Kg
  • Type 7201.12.00.PMW


  • Cleaning and decalcification of the die tempering channels with 70°C hot water to which a detergent is added.
  • Leakage test of tempering channels.
  • Flow inspection by means of a non-contact flow meter.
  • Blow function for the detergent


  • Die channels are cleaned from pollutions (dirt, lime).
  • Improvement of the heat transmission by removal of insulating deposits.
  • New dies are cleaned from metal chips.
  • Increase of pump life time of the tempering units.
  • Flow inspection by means of non-contact flow meter.
  • Leakage test of die channels with hot medium.
  • Blow fixture for complete die draining.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Lift-off detergent tank with optical fill level indicator.
  • μP controlled.

Types of detergents

Curatech TA 279 - Especially suitable for the cleaning of oil-polluted die channels. Use concentration: 3%.
HERU-AL 7008 - Cleaning and decalcification agent, especially suitable for the cleaning of polluted and calcified die channels. Use concentration: 5%.

Ideal use of the die cleaning unit

  • Tool shop.

After finished cleaning, leakage test and flow inspection the die is ready to be assembled to the die casting machine.


  • Peripheral devices and systems (49)
  • Facilities for cooling cast parts (9)
  • Moulds and accessories (180)
  • Tempering devices for die cast moulds (14)
  • Tool/mould cleaning machines (9)
  • Descaling devices (3)
  • Measuring/control and regulation technology (41)
  • Measuring instruments and equipment (19)
  • Temperature measuring instruments/temperature controllers (9)

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