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Strobel Quarzsand GmbH

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92271 Freihung
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More than 135 years of Strobel Quarzsand. A long tradition.

From 1876 to the present day to the present, four generations of the Strobel family have led the silica sand plant with foresight, determination and great success.

The founder Johann Jeremias Strobel (1840-1909) laid the foundation for the start of the production of industrial sands in Freihung by agreeing a mining contract with the Royal Bavarian Forestry Administration on September 9, 1876.

On the turn of the 20th century, his son Johann Woldemar Strobel (1874-1952) put in place the conditions required for the industrial production process.

Johann Strobel (1916 – 2002) took over the company in 1952. Under his stewardship production increased considerably. In addition, he introduced fire-drying of the processed silica sands and developed today's extraction sites in Gebenbach and Großschönbrunn area.

Since 1994, Liselotte and Günter Forster are the fourth generation to run Strobel Quarzsand GmbH. With great dedication and together with 70 skilled and highly motivated employees we serve the needs of our partners.


Foundry sand – for mechanical engineering and synthetic casting

Our foundry sands are used as a basic material for producing mouldings and cores with the binding agents such as bentonite, synthetic resin or water glass. They constitute the basis for ready-to-use sands, oil-bound or coated in synthetic resin, for a wide range of different uses up to rapid prototyping. This type of sand is used in the vehicle industry, in mechanical engineering but also in synthetic casting

In addition to the standard grades in the grain size from AFS 40 to AFS 140, we also offer the finest special sands up to AFS 250 as an additive in green sand.

For developing, optimising and monitoring our foundry products, we have an application laboratory which allows examination of both nuclear parameters and moulding material parameters.

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Tradition and innovation – engine for the future

Enhancing investments and embracing innovation ensures that we are able to master any future challenges. Highly willing to continuously invest in the future of the company, all generations in the long history of our firm have created the bedrock for successful development over the years.

The growing number of application fields for silica sand, our mineral deposits with a secure long-term future, and the high quality of our products give us reason for an optimistic view of the future.

With new ideas, implemented by dedicated and highly skilled employees, we continue successfully to meet the desires of our customers. In this way we want to safeguard the long term success of the company, maintain jobs and create new ones.