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Tribo-Chemie GmbH

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Tribo-Chemie GmbH is your competent and reliable partner for tribology issues. We are specialised in release agents for die casting, forging lubricants and special applications.

Together with our customers we solve technically difficult tasks for already more than 25 years. New recipes with extraordinary raw materials become perfected for our customers’ application.

Our ambition for high environmental compatibility and resource-saving is implemented from the beginning of a new project. A motivated Tribo-team ensures the smooth running, from the development stage to the final delivery, application and introduction of the product at the customer.

Our Graphitex® range of products for forging and Isolat® range of products for die casting are offering technical advantages, e.g. an improved and optimized, stable production process.

Our registered brands Graphitex® and Isolat® are sold world-wide.

Release Agents for High-Pressure Die Casting

Isolat® & Isolat® Enviro Series

Tribo-Chemie´s wax free release agents are not only suitable for conventional spraying but also for minimal- und micro spraying!

Clean die frames and vents no build-up of residues, clean and unblocked nozzles allow you a trouble-free process.

Additional advantages: Castings produced with Isolat® products, can be painted, powder coated, welded and/or glued.

Wax Beads – Solid Plunger Lubricant

Isolat® 80 G

- Isolat® 80 G Beads consist of a wax with a micro-milled graphite content of 18 - 20%. The product is non-sticky, dust free, environmentally friendly, free flowing and anti-static.
- The Beads are also suitable under tropical conditions and can be used in all approved beads dispensers.
- Available sizes: 0.5 – 1.0 mm / 1.0 – 1.6 mm / 1.6 – 2.0 mm / 2.0 – 3.0 mm
- A reliable and precise application is achievable in conjunction with TRIBO BEADS DISPENSER 3D for minimal dosing (exact dosing below 0,2 g / shot is indeed possible).

Forging Lubricants
for Steel, Aluminium and Titanium

Graphitex® Series

Our graphite containing lubricants (Graphitex®) for forging of steel, aluminium and titanium are well known in the market for more than 30 years.

Constant development and improvement of formulations guarantee forging lubricants with improved process reliability. Tribo-Chemie´s milling technology and formulation know-how ensure well balanced products in a wide variety to cover the customers’ requirements.


- die casting
- forging
- release agent
- releasing oil
- paste
- anti-welding grease
- plunger lubricant
- plunger pellets / beads
- coatings
- gravity die casting
- dispenser
- forging lubricants


- Release Agents for Al, Mg, Zn Die Casting (wax-free / pigment-based / oil-based / paste-like)
- Plunger Lubricants for Die Casting in the form of beads or oil-based
- Specialities for Die Casting Ladle-, Channel-, and Furnace Coatings
- Dosing Unit / Dispenser with an adjustable 3D arm
- Forging Lubricants for Steel and Aluminium

Due to our own laboratory and our on-site production we are flexible and innovative, which enables us to produce customized products.