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voxeljet AG

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voxeljet is one of the leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems and operates one of Europe´s largest service centres for the "on-demand production" of molds and models for metal casting.

voxeljet SYSTEMS business division focuses on the development, production and distribution of the fastest and most powerful 3D printing systems in the market. Today, voxeljet has a well-coordinated product range that reaches from smaller entry models to large-format machines, and therefore offers the perfect 3D print system for many application areas.

voxeljet SERVICES custom parts service centre creates sand molds and plastic models based on CAD data on demand. Small-batch and prototype manufacturers appreciate the automatic, patternless manufacture of their casting molds and 3D models.The company's customer base includes well-known automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, foundries as well as innovative companies from the arts design, movie and entertainment industry.


Your partner for digital production: flexible, fast and customer oriented services

voxeljet SERVICES creates parts, molds, cores and models for a variety of industrial and commercial customers based on designs produced using 3D CAD software. We help our customers move from the design to the production stage by assisting them in developing optimal designs in a variety of materials for their production needs. Small-batch and prototype manufacturers benefit from the automatic, patternless manufacture of their cast parts and 3D models.

Volume: large-volume models of up to 4 x 2 x 1 m
Economy: on-demand production saves time and money
Flexibility: a few large parts or many small parts in a single build box
Materials: digitally produced alternatives to traditional sand and investment casting materials
Complexity: prints geometries of any complexity

voxeljet‘s innovative 3D printers:industrial, efficient, reliable

voxeljet SYSTEMS focuses on the development, production and distribution of fast and high throughput 3D printing systems. Today, voxeljet offers a full range of machine platform sizes, from smaller entry-level models to large-format machines, offering the perfect 3D print system for diverse application areas. The printers combine durability with reliability even under the harshest industrial conditions.

Large Builds: build boxes up to 4,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 millimeters
High throughput: volumetric output rates of up to 123.0 liters per hour
Reliability: industrial 3D printers for 24/7 usage
Innovation: the only commercially available continuous build 3D printer – the VXC800
Flexibility: open source part build systems supporting a variety of material sets


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