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.YXLON International GmbH

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Measuring and control engineering
Material testing

X-Ray Komponenten
X-Ray Systeme
X-Ray Lösungen
Digitale Bildverarbeitung
Feinfocus Lösungen

The name YXLON stands for assurance and quality for all types of cast parts, for instance aluminum wheels, bolts or cross struts, for automotive components bearing a relevance to safety such as airbags, for tires, electrical and electronic components, turbine blades, welding seams and a lot more. Our product portfolio encompasses X-ray systems for installation in X-ray inspection rooms, universal X-ray systems based on full-protection devices, solutions matched specifically to a customer, manual and fully automatic systems that can be integrated into any production process.

YXLON software for processing X-ray images ranges from programs for image acquisition and archiving all the way to the fully automatic analysis of X-ray images.

YXLON offers a comprehensive Application Service for 2D to 3D applications at its well-equipped application centers in Hamburg, Hattingen, Heilbronn, Peking Hudson and San Jose.

(One of our application laboratories)

(Inspection of a cast part)

Company profile

As an outsourced company of Philips, our roots go back to C.H.F. Müller, the manufacturer of the first X-ray tube, and to W.C. Röntgen, the man who discovered X-rays in 1895. Due to our fundamental knowledge and expertise in X-ray technology and the image chain combined with the joy we experience in development and innovation we have been keeping our market leadership in the field of industrial X-ray inspection for decades. Today we view ourselves as a ‘system house’ that always finds the right solution for our partners in the field of material testing and inspection, and one that ensures the highest quality for its products.