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True precision since 1993

Now known as ZPF GmbH, the company pursues a vision that seeks to combine the efficient use of both energy and space.Highly experienced furnace builder Stefan Fruh decided to develop this idea. Firmly believing in his innovation, he joined forces with his son-in-law Klaus Zepek to establish a business – ZPF – in 1993. And he started bringing his vision to life, developing a “reverse” closed furnace system that put the exhaust system the other way round to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, the company’s two owners Semrau and Feth run it as Managing Partners.We have always strived to build reliable and exceptionally efficient furnace systems that satisfy our customers’ individual requirements. And we’d be happy to advise you further.


  • Deppert GmbH, Dettingen
  • Hoberg Gießerei- und Automationstechnik, Ense
  • Relev, Romania
  • D.A.D, Netherlands
  • Ramsell-Naber, Great Britain
  • Cesana, Italy
  • Elzbieta Barabasz, Poland
  • Teknorast , Finland

  • Aluminummelting and holding furnaces
  • Aluminumshavingsfurnace
  • Aluminumholding furnaces
  • Aluminumfurnacefilters
  • Zincmelting furnaces