Odlewnia Zeliwa Bydgoszcz Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zygmunta Augusta 11
85-089 Bydgoszcz
Email: odlewnia(at)odlewnia.com.pl
WWW: www.odlewnia.com.pl
Phone: +48 52 325 90 11
Fax: +48 52 325 90 20

Brake systems and solutions for maximum security: Based in Poland, the Odlewnia Zeliwa Bydgoszcz foundry offers innovative solutions for the production of brake blocks with grooves. Faster thermal conduction, greater wear resistance and noticeably less sparking during braking are only a few of the advantages that the traditional company's products offer its customers. Founded in 1901, the foundry has developed into the largest Polish producer of brake shoe inserts for rail vehicles. The company joined DIHAG Holding GmbH in 2002.