Aluminum alloy (not standardized) with the chemical denomination AlSi0.5Mg for use in sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting. The chemical composition of an alloy of this type with the brand name Anticorodal®-04 from the manufacturerAluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH can be found in Table 1.

Characteristic properties

Alloy for electric conductors of medium strength and hardness (Table 1). Premium corrosion resistance, very good weldability and suitable for decorative anodizing (with the exception of pressure die casting). Very well suited for brazing (Table 2).

Areas of application

For castings with high electrical conductivity, e.g. electric conductors, used in food industry, mechanical engineering, optics/furniture (casting of fittings), chemical industry (Table 3). Two castings made of this alloy are exemplified in Fig. 1.

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  • Table 1: AlSi0.5Mg, chemical denomination, chemical composition und static mechanical properties, information provided by the alloy manufacturer Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Table 2: Suitability for casting processes and overview of general properties of the AlSi0.5Mg alloy, brand name Anticorodal®-04 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Table 3: Areas of application of AlSi0.5Mg, brand name Anticorodal®-04 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Fig. 1: Castings made of AlSi0.5Mg (not to scale), brand name Anticorodal®-04 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH) Conductor for high-voltage systems, Anticorodal-04, overaged, sand-cast, ground, 120 × 350 × 120mm, weight: 1.25kg2) Electric motor plate, Anticorodal-04, pressure-die-cast, 55 × 32 × 18mm, weight: 20g