Aluminum alloy (not standardized) with the chemical denomination AlSi5Mg for use in sand casting and gravity die casting. The chemical composition of an alloy of this type with the brand name Anticorodal®-50 from the manufacturerAluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH  can be found in Table 1.

Characteristic properties

Outstanding resistance to weathering and very good resistance to see water; good mechanical properties in the as-cast condition and very good after artificial ageing (Table 1, see Hardening), very good polishability and machinability, particularly when artificially aged (Table 2).

Areas of application

Architecture, fittings, lighting, household appliances, air conditioning, art casting, food industry, mechanical engineering, pattern/mold making, optics/furniture, shipbuilding, chemical industry (Table 3). Two castings made of this alloy are exemplified in Fig. 1.

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  • Table 1: AlSi5Mg, chemical denomination, chemical composition und static mechanical properties, information provided by the alloy manufacturer Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Table 2: Suitability for casting processes and overview of general properties of the AlSi5Mg alloy, brand name Anticorodal®-50 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Table 3: Areas of application of AlSi5Mg, brand name Anticorodal®-50 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH
  • Fig. 1: Castings made of AlSi5Mg (not to scale), brand name Anticorodal®-50 by Aluminium Rheinfelden Alloys GmbH) Cover for woodworking machine, Anticorodal-50, as-cast condition, die-cast, hard-anodized, 450 × 310 × 330mm, weight: 5.0kg2) Basic absorber part, Anticorodal-50, sand-cast, 400 × 250 × 120 mm, weight: 6.7kg