Breaker core


Thin ceramic or sand core that is inserted in the riser at the point of attachment to the casting. This thin core heats quickly during the casting and solidification process and therefore prevents early freezing of the riser neck.

In this way, the necking facilitates removal of the riser from the casting during cleaning. The necking cross section must comply with the riser neck cross section calculated during riser design. (Fig. 2, Foseco Foundry Division Vesuvius GmbH)

Additional references:
Williams riser



  • Fig. 1: Exothermic and isolating riser with breaker core, photo: GTP Schäfer GmbH, Grevenbroich
  • Fig. 2: Various breaker cores used for necking of the feeder cross sections allow for easy riser stripping and minimization of cleaning costs, photo: FOSECO Foundry Division, Borken, Germany