Casting cooler

It is a cooling tunnel for castingcooling between shakeout station or separating channeling and fettling shop. Casting coolers are particularly robust built special vibratory conveyors in which it is mass-compensated resonance type conveyors (Fig. 1, Jöst GmbH & Co.KG).

Basically, these machines are mass-compensated resonance type conveyors. Active mass compensation blocks are installed under the trough in a regular distance to compensate the dynamic forces within the machine; this avoids transmission of excessive dynamic forces in the foundation. The conveying trough vibrates at very low frequencies and a moderate stroke. The vibrating parameters are built that the castings do not jump but slide smoothly and slowly.

The vibrating trough is closed with a hood and designed to be air proof.  A high velocity counter-current cooling air flow is forced towards the flow channel of the casting conveyors against the flow direction of the castings to cool them down from approx. 600°C to 80°C. If demanded, the cooling process could be supported by a temperature probe controlled, pulse width regulated water injection system.

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  • Fig. 1: FSMG Casting Cooler (JÖST GmbH + Co. KG)