Closing cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder that generates the complete closing force with force-closed locking (see die locking) and ensures opening and closing of the die with form-closed locking while only a low degree of closing force must be maintained. The locking cylinder is an integral part of the die locking unit of a die casting machine (Fig. 1).

Except for two-platen machines, force-closed clamping is only common for relatively small machines or for thixomolding machinery (Fig. 2). With two-platen machines, hydraulic closing cylinders at the columns ensure force-closed locking as well as generation and maintenance of the die locking force (Fig. 3).

For conventional cold chamber or hot chamber machines with form-closed blamping (e.g. using a double toggle lever system) the closing cylinder is positioned at the rear cross bar (Fig. 4).

  • Fig. 1: Closing cylinder in the area of the die locking unit for a cold chamber die casting machine with double toggle lever system
  • Fig. 2: Closing cylinder of a thixomolding machine with force-closed  clamping; Husky InjectionMolding Ltd. make
  • Fig. 3: Closing cylinder at the columns of a two-platen machine; Idra Sr make
  • Fig. 4: Closing cylinder of a 17500 kN die casting machine with form-closed clamping; Oskar Frech GmbH make