Cobalt casting alloy

Casting material containing cobalt as the main alloying element.

There is a large number of varieties of this type of alloy used for special purposes, such as turbine blades or combustion chambers. These include the hot-strength and heat-resistant alloy UMCo 50 with 50 % Co, 27 % Cr and 23 % Fe. It is characterized by excellent resistance properties against wear at high temperatures, against temperature variation loads and against oxidation and corrosion. Typical cobaltcasting alloys are, among others, an alloy with great high-temperature strength containing 62  % Co, 27 % Cr, 5,5 % Mo, 2,5 % Ni and 2 % Fe or the wear-resistant alloys, containing 37 % Co, 30 % Cr, 18 % W, 4 % V, 3 % Ni, rest Fe, which are used for cutting tools.


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