Conditioning; Beneficiation; Purification

1. General production of molding material mixtures, both for mold and core production processes consisting of new and used sands as well as the required molding material constituents. An example for equipment of core sand conditioning shows Fig. 1 (KLEIN Anlagenbau AG). Moreover, reclamation and reprocessing of used sands in such a way that a re-usable molding metal with appropriate molding properties is achieved, is also referred to as conditioning (s. a. Sand conditioning).

2. In the field of mining, the process of separating ores from accompanying gangue is referred to as benefication, and

3. In metallurgy, the process of separating metal residues from unusable impurities by grinding, screening, or washing and preparing them for smelting is referred to as purification.

Additional references:
core sand mixer

  • Fig. 1: Core sand conditioning plant (KLEIN Anlagenbau AG)