Mass referring to the volume unit according to eq. 1:

Eq. 1:  ho = frac{m}{V}lbrack g/cm^3 brack

ρ = density in g/cm³; m = mass in g; V = volume in cm³

with the density of the material directly influencing the component mass. Since the density of iron is e.g. 7.87 g/cm3 and the density of graphite is 2.20 g/cm3 the overall density of cast iron decreases with an increasing amount of graphite. Nodular graphite cast iron (GJS) with a high carbon content can thus reach a density of below 7.00 g/cm3.

By contrast, cast steel can have a density of around 7,85 g/cm3.

The density values of the major refractory materials are listed in the followingtable 1.



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  • Table 1: Density of refractory materials