Density scale

Density determination of a sample and weighing the vacuumdensity test samples is done by using a density scales (Fig. 1).

Desity determination is done on the basis of Archimedes’ principle and very easy to do. At first, the scales is balanced, the sample is set on the frame and the sample weight is determined. In the subsequent step, the sample is immerged into water and the sample weight under water is determined. Since the density amounts to nearly exactly 1 g/cm³, the sample volume can be calculated on the basis of the difference between both measuring values. A division of the sample weight by its volume is the density. The principle is illustrated in Figure 2.

Modern density scales often have a sample mounting device and a software for creating the density measuring program. These density scales designed to determine the density index are also available with optional printers and computer software, the technical data of the scales are shown in Table 1.

  • Fig. 1: Type MK 2200 density scales by mk Industrievertretungen GmbH
  • Fig. 2: Archimedes’ principle to determine the density, source: mk Industrievertretungen GmbH
  • Table 1: Technical data of the MK 2200 series density scales by mk Industrievertretungen GmbH