Disposal site

A structural and technical plant for temporary or final disposal of waste material. The main prerequisite is to cause as low environmental damage as possible.

There are special rules and regulations applicable for the respective substances to be disposed. Consequently, landfills are divided in different classes, which specify the minimum requirements for structural design that must be fulfilled by the respective sites in order to ensure safe disposal of waste material with a specific risk potential. Based on the landfill regulation from 2008, the previously applicable 4 types of disposal sites have been re-classified and extended: The landfill types for “inert waste” and for “hazardous waste” have been added.

The following classes and sub-classes for disposal sites have been defined:


  1. Ground excavation landfill
  2. Inert waste landfill
  3. Landfill for non-hazardous waste with the following sub-classes:
    a) Landfill for residues and materials from construction 
    b) Landfill for residual materials 
    c) Landfill for mass waste
  4. Landfill for hazardous waste (only in the form of underground sites) 

Different limits and max. values (overall content, eluate contents, s. a. Eluate, Eluate analysis) apply for the individual landfill classes. In exceptional cases it is possible for authorities to permit higher limit values for specific sections or areas of a landfill, provided that no additional environmental risks are expected.

Legal basis: BGBl. II Nr. 39/2008 introduced and manifested the new regulation for disposal sites (Landfill regulation 2008). The landfill regulation was amended by   BGBl. II No. 178/2010 with regard to the provisions for engineering. The amendment entered in force as from 1. July 2010. Moreover, the Federal Act on sustainable waste management forms the legal basis (Waste management act 2002 - AWG 2002): BGBl. I No. 102 amended by BGBl. I No. 43/2004, BGBl. I No. 151/2004, BGBl. I No. 155/2004, BGBl. I No. 181/2004, BGBl. I No. 34/2006, BGBl. I No. 16/2007, BGBl. I No. 43/2007, last amended by the Federal Act BGBl. I No. 54/2008.

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