Efficiency Control Cockpit

Efficiency Control Cockpit (ECC) represents a tool for automated data collection, storage and evaluation of production machines. Decisions in the area of production optimization, maintenance, quality assurance and investment planning are supported by combinable software modules. ECC ensures high process efficiency and supports the caster in the production process through:

Machine visualization
Availability analyses
Productivity evaluations (TPM characteristic values)
Comparing examinations of fault indications, status information and cycle times
Data backtracking in the production process
Preventive and state-oriented maintenance

The goal is to deliver extensive machine knowledge based on data and to deduce solution-oriented measures (Fig. 1, Fill GmbH). Decision-makers on different operation levels are supported to achieve transparent production processes, optimized machines and a sustainable operational success. Thank so EEC, induces measures can be immediately evaluated for their success.

Currently, 5 5 ECC software modules are available:

Machine visualization:  
ECC.supervising – specify your overview

Operational data analysis:     
ECC.logging – quantify your process

Machine parameter control:     
ECC.tracing – densify your information

Production data backtracking:  
ECC.tracking – identify your parts

ECC.monitoring – simplify your service

  • Fig. 1: ECC for operational measure planning, source: Fill GmbH