Foundry wedge

Device for removing risers from a casting by means of hydraulically operated wedges (Fig. 1). The separation of the casting and the risers is accomplished by a hydraulic spreading movement of the foundry wedge jaws which are made of wear-resistant material. The foundry wedge itself is suspended on a balancer. The user, standing behind the device, has maximum freedom of movement when the tubes are connected at the top center of the device. Moreover, such a positioning of the tubes also ensures that the tilting point of the device is to the front. This means that the wedge can tilt forward in a steady motion and can be turned in any direction desired. In addition, it is no longer necessary to first bring the castings into a better position.

When the wedge is inserted between the casting and the counter bearing or riser, the hydraulic advancement of the wedge along with the separating process are triggered at the operating handle. The main field of application for such foundry wedges is nodular graphite cast iron. Fig. 2 shows how risers are broken off and circulation material is crushed after emptying the castings.

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  • Fig. 1: Hydraulic foundry wedge (Holmatro Industrial Equipment B.V. Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands)
  • Fig. 2:  Removing risers with a hydraulic foundry wedge (Holmatro Industrial Equipment B.V. Raamsdonksveer,┬áThe Netherlands)