Gassing device

Equipment used to harden sand cores and sand molds through gassing with reactive gases. Examples are the production of sand cores with gas-cured binders such as sodium silicate (water glass) for hardening with carbon dioxide gas (CO2-gassing) or cold box sands (s. Cold box process) for hardening with amine gassing.

The gassing devices (Figure 1) have to ensures that the catalysts which are usually liquid at room temperature are mixed well with a carrier medium and conveyed into all areas of the core in order to ensure quick and uniform hardening. If air is used as a carrier medium, it must be largely dry.

An effective measure for the sustainable benefit of the ecology and economic efficiency is the increasing of the efficiency of the binder system through an increase in reactivity in conjunction with a decrease in the overall binder amount, which ultimately leads to a considerable saving of amine. This is not only reflected positively in the smell, it also, in addition to the saving in material costs which is just as important, enables an optimization of the core production process, such as through a reduction in gassing times or a reduction in the tendency to stick.

  • Fig. 1: LG gassing device for the production of cold box core with pre-heater, photo: Laempe Mössner GmbH, Schopfheim