Goose neck

Vessel to take up the casting chamber in hot chamber die casting machines for zinc and magnesium die casting (Fig. 1).

The goose neck is immerged into the furnace melt and a casting unit component (see casting drive).

The melt is led to the die to the hard mold half (Fig. 2). Goose necks are produced from forged or cast hot forming steel. Forged goose necks have a higher material homogeneity, whereas cast goose necks are less vulnerable to stress cracks due to even wall thickness transitions. Goose necks can be exchanged as wear parts. In case of zinc goose necks, the goose necks is exchanged once the wear limit was reached (Fig. 3), in case of magnesium the goose neck bore is extended to the next possible measure. If the  die cast mold is opened, molten metal flows from the nozzle back to the goose neck.


  • Fig. 1: Goose neck by Brondolin Spa for a zinc hot chamber die casting machine by Oskar Frech GmbH
  • Fig. 2:  Heat chamber die casting machine goose neck, siphon, manufacturer: Stahlwerk Stahlschmidt GmbH
  • Fig. 3: Goose neck with a shrunken casting chamber, manufacturer: Stahlwerk Stahlschmidt GmbH