Gravity die casting machine

Gravity die casting machine for the production of castings by the tilting gravity die casting process (Fig. 1Fill GmbH). This process is used for casting materials with a high propensity to oxidation and foaming, such as aluminum gravity die casting.

Principle and process sequence:

At the beginning of the casting process, the die is tilted towards the pouring side, cores can be loaded manually or automatically. Once the die is closed, the pouring basin is filled with melt. The mold is then returned (tilted) to its normal position, resulting in the melt to flow from the pouring basin and into the mold with a low head and moderate flow rate (Fig. 2). The pivoting (tilting) motion required for casting is provided by a servo drive. The servo-electric drive principle facilitates direct pouring of the melt during the tilting process. The die remains in the solidification position for a freely definable period of time until the component has solidified. The die is opened after being swung back up. The component is ejected hydraulically and the part can be removed. Die cleaning is carried out in the ergonomically efficient “open book” position. The technical data of a machine are given in Table 1.

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  • Fig. 1: TILTCASTER SERVO tilting gravity die casting machine from Fill GmbH
  • Fig. 2:  Principle of the gravity die casting process
  • Table 1: Technical data for the tilting die casting machineTILTCASTER SERVO from  Fill GmbH (subject to change without notice)
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