Green sand molding process

Procedure for mold production (s. a. Molding process) with bentonite-bonded moist mold materials (Green sand, Green sand casting).

The manufacture of castings according to this procedure is peformed in the following major stages:

  • Conditioning of the moist, plastic mold material from the components worn mold material, quartz sand, bonding clay, additives, and water.
  • Mold production by means of mold material compaction. The compaction of the mold material leads to reinforcement thus ensuring adequate mold stability.
  • Mold part manipulations to produce a mold ready for casting (transport, turning, core setting, mold assembly, stabilizing, etc.)
  • Ejection of the mold, cooling and solidificatio of the casting
  • Demolding the mold, i.e. separating the casting from the mold material and subsequent treatment of the casting.
  • Reclamation of the demolded used mold material for reuse in conditioning of molding materials

In this process, a number of material-related, technological, and machinery-related influence variables act on the mold material, which come into effect in the various process stages conditioning of molding materials, mold production, ejection of the mold, and casting formation as well as mold material recovery.