Hand rammer

1. Molder tool for ramming up and compacting mold material in a purely manual fashion (see Ramming).

Depending on the shape of the ramming tip, hand rammers are available as pegging rammers and bench rammers made of wood or metal or with solid-rubber ramming heads (see Fig. 1). For large molds, pneumatic rammers are used.

2. Ramming tool for compacting refractory ramming masses for lining melting furnaces, in particular crucible furnaces. The refractory ramming mass is filled into a gap between the furnace brick lining and the ramming templates and compacted by means of hand or pneumatic rammers. One example of a rammer foot is shown in Fig. 2.

  • Fig. 1: Hand rammers (molder tools)1) Long flat rammer2) Short flat rammer3) Pegging rammer out of round-bar steel4) Long wedge-shaped pegging rammer5) Long pegging rammer6) Short wedge-shaped pegging rammer7) Short pegging rammer
  • Fig. 2:  Rammer foot for compacting refractory ramming masses