Hpdc-process data acquisition

IT-based production monitoring to record and provide real time data of the hpdc-process (Fig. 1, Italpresse Industrie S.p.A.) to guarantee stability and safety of the hpdc-process the process data acquisition can be used to make an alignment with target values of critical parameters (e.g. pressure or temperature) during the production. For this there is a linkage of the casting machine control to process-related measuring systems. The data is aquired with cavity sensors and a number of other sensor systems, e.g. digital position sensors, tie-bar strain measurement etc. A visualization of the respective parameters allows the consideration of the actual process status and the identification of tendencies in a defined production period. This continuous monitoring allows the early detection of disturbances and deviations and simplifies punctual countermeasures. The specific documentation of every production process allows tracing of deviations and a statistical evaluation of the production. It also fulfills required quality standards. 

  • Fig. 1: Die casting machine series TF, Italpresse Industrie S.r.l