Liquid transportation

Automated loading of zinc or magnesium machine furnaces in hot chamber machines through liquid transportation or the transportation of an aluminum melt in transportation pans in a HGV.

The use of a liquid metal transportation system in a magnesium or zinc foundry or in magnesium recycling plants is an energy and rationalization concept which is setting trends for the future and which provides crucial economic advantages.

Application for magnesium die casting
The melt is pumped into the electrically heated magnesium transportation containers by a transfer pump. The transportation container is brought to the users with a fork-lift truck (Figure 1). The dosing furnace in the die casting machine is simply fitted with a holding facility if the liquid transportation concept is used.

The main advantages of the concept are:

  • little space needed
  • low supply amounts for the die casting machine
  • considerable reduction of manual work
  • constant melting level in the dosing furnace
  • uniform melting temperature in the dosing furnace
  • centralized melting of the entire amount of material in a melting plant

Application in zinc die casting
Zinc liquid transportation devices with overhead rails (Figure 2) enable zinc machine furnaces to be supplied with liquid zinc from a pre-melting furnace or a remelting furnace in a fully automated way.

A transportation trolley with an electric drive for the longitudinal movement and the lifting motion picks up a zinc melt container (Figure 3). The transportation trolley is equipped with a weighing device in order to determine how much melt remains in the melt container. The filling of the transportation container and the transfer into the machine furnace is done with a two-channel system.

Additional references:
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  • Fig. 1: Magnesium liquid transportation, type MFT from Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH 
  • Fig. 2:  Liquid transportation of zinc with an overhead rail device, type ZFTH from Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH 
  • Fig. 3: Transportable zinc melt container, type ZSB from Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH