Magnesium pig heat-up device

Machine for automated drying and feeding of magnesium pigs and/or sprues in a magnesiummelting furnace.

Magnesium heat-up and loading machines are used

  • in magnesium pre-melting furnaces,
  • in salt-free in-house recycling furnaces,
  • in magnesium hot or cold chamber furnaces if liquid metal loading is not intended.

Pig heat-up devices are available in sizes for a throughput of 150kg/h to 1,500kg/h (Fig. 1). Either electricity or the gas emissions of a gas-powered melting furnace using a heat exchanger can be used as a heating system.

The pig heat-up machine makes it possible to

  • safely dry magnesium pigs with hot air and heat them up to a core temperature of at least 150°C,
  • safely dry magnesium pigs using infrared drying and heat them up to a core temperature of at least 150°C
  • heat up to core temperatures of up to 300°C so that metallurgically advantageous, quicker melting occurs,
  • to load the melting automatically depending on the melt removal (Fig. 2).

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  • Figure 1: Magnesium heat-up and loading machine, type MVE from Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH 
  • Figure 2: Magnesium melting and dosing furnace with automatic loading through a magnesium pig heat-up device, types MDO and MVE from Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH