Material condition

Aluminum alloys (casting alloys)

The temper indicating a possible heat treatment of a casting is another important information for defining its properties. The heat treatment conditions are based on the temper designations of wrought aluminum alloys and are identified with letter symbols and defined as follows:

One example of a standardized product designation (according to EN 1706) – of the material, casting process and temper – for a gravity die casting made of the casting alloy 42100 (Al Si7Mg0.3) in the solution-annealed and artificially aged condition is:

numerical:  DIN EN 1706 AC-42100KT6
chemical:  DIN EN 1706 AC-Al Si7Mg0.3KT6

Additional references:

Heat treatment of hardenable aluminum casting alloys

  • Table 1: Temper designations and meanings for aluminum casting alloys according to EN 1706:1998