Measurement of remaining lining thickness

It is a security monitoring, which measures the actual remaining lining thickness (Video, Saveway GmbH & Co KG) .

It is a continuous measurement of remaining lining thickness during furnace operation and shows visible signs of wear, such as erosion and worn-out areas, covered wear conditions are detected reliably, like dangerous metal penetrations and metal fins (Fig. 1, Saveway GmbH & Co KG).

Metal fins represent an enormous risk potential for coreless induction furnaces. They can cause short-circuited coil turns if they remain undetected. Contact between liquid metal and cooling water could lead to an explosive molten discharge – an immense and possibly fatal danger for workers and plant.

To measure the wear condition, electrode panels (sensors) are installed on an insulating surface. On a coreless induction furnace, the sensors are used in place of the usual slip-plane on the coil grout.

The measurement is based on the distinctive temperature dependence of the electrical resistance of refractory materials. The 16-stage wear indicator shows each segment separately. Critical conditions are immediately displayed on the operators’ display screen (Fig. 2, Saveway GmbH & Co. KG).

For this reason will be significantly improves safety for operating staff and plant, because furnace damage and molten breakouts can be safely avoided. Also Optimize operating costs by reducing the costs of maintenance and production losses is a big benefit just as Increase Equipment up-time

based on the risk-free increase of Service life and predictability of relining and Targeted melting process improvement by optimizing the sinter heat.

The system (Saveway GmbH & Co. KG) also offers the option to switch between “melting mode” and “drying mode”, so that the sinter charge can be monitored on metal penetration. The detection of coil leakage, such as those occurring on coreless induction furnaces, completes the service range of the SAVEWAY® Technology.

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  • Fig. 1: Safely spotted metal fin (Saveway GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Fig. 2: Operator display SAVEWAY system (Saveway GmbH & Co. KG)
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