Metal front temperature sensor

A cavity sensor for the use in die casting which is attached to the die casting mold and records the pressure/time progress from mold filling and solidification to the extraction.

Amongst others, the mold cavity temperature belongs to the most casting process parameters and can be measured and controlled through a metal front temperature sensor (MFTS). This sensor functions on the basis of NiCr-Ni thermal elements an dis available in two versions:

  • A version with a high measuring speed for measuring purposes (Bild 1-1)
  • A version with an average measuring speed for controlling purposes (such as control of the mold temperature, Fig. 1-2)

Due to their solid designs, MFT sensors fulfill all requirements for the use during the casting process. These data can be used to determine states in the mold at the installation position during the filling process, such as the metal solidification behavior in relation to the mold and metal temperature as well as the shrinking behavior after the pressure intensification phase.

If the sensor is installed behind the gate, a wave formation during the first phase (see Slow shot phase) can be understood by repeated response. The sensors determine different states such as the mold temperature at the installation place and the metal temperature during the mold filling process. A temperature/time progress recorded by MFT sensors is exemplified in Fig. 2.

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  • Fig. 1: Metal front temperature sensors (MFTS) by Electronics GmbH1) Version with high measuring speed2) Version with average measuring speed3) Accessory kit: Amplifier module including a sensor to mount close to the mold4) Surface temperature sensor: The sensor is mainly required for temperature measuring and controlling at the shot sleeves, feeding devices or metal pumps.
  • Fig. 2: Mold cavity temperature progress depending on the time, recorded by using a metal fron termperature sensor MFTS (S1, S2) by Electronics GmbH