Mini riser

A riser sleeve made of a highly exothermic material, the volume of which nearly corresponds to the material shrinkage during solidification, resulting in minimum circulation material.

In 1977, the mini riser was developed by the Rexroth foundry in Lohr/Main in cooperation with former company Lüngen (today ASK Chemicals Feeding Systems) and represented a quantum leap in riser technology. It enabled a considerable reduction in feeding volume (Fig. 1). ASK Chemicals Feeding Systems is the sole beneficiary of the patent DE-B-2010337 describing a method for reducing the riser volume of a riser made of an exothermic heating compound for castings.


The benefits of mini risers are obvious:


  • Less amount of iron melt required
  • Reduction in circulation material:
  • Yield optimization
  • Small contact surface
  • Reduction in fettling costs
  • Compensation of expansion pressure during graphitization
  • Improved dimensional accuracy of castings

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  • Fig. 1: Comparison of live, exothermic and mini risers (ASK Chemicals Feeding Systems)