Mold locking unit

Die casting machine appliance to move the movable mold half which has the functions of closing, locking and opening.

The mold locking unit is used to open and close the die casting mold where the movable mold half is shifted and to create the die locking force during casting and/or locking the movable mold halves during die casting. The most important components according to Fig. 1 are the following:

  • Fixed fixing plate (fixed fixing shield) to accommodate the fixed mold half (casting mold) and in case of cold chamber machines also to accommodate the shot assembly (casting chamber and shot sleve)
  • Movable fixing plate (movable fixing shield, cylinder plate) to accommodate the movable mold half (ejector mold half)
  • Columns (guiding columns) to accommodate the die locking force created by the locking device as well as to guide the movable fixing plate.

In general, the mold locking unit is driven by a hydraulic closing cylinder. However, today smaller machines with entirely electric drives are available on the market. Fig. 2 (Bühler AG) shows the mold locking units of a modern cold chamber die casting machine.

Die locking force application occurs through

  • Positive-mode locking systems or
  • Positive-fit locking systems (see Mold locking).
  • Fig. 1: Mold locking unit as die casting machine component
  • Fig. 2:  Mold locking unit of a cold chamber die casting machine, Bühler Evolution B by Bühler AG