Mold material balance

Aid used to find numerous characteristic values relating to the make up of the sand composition.

The balance considers the past and, to do so, all material flows are collected over 20 to 30 working days. In casting, this concerns the amount of iron cast and the amount of coresand which enters the sand flow. In addition, the total consumptions of all additives such as bentonite, coal dust and new sand (s.a. Addition of new sand, Addition of mold material) are measured.

Here, most of the characteristic values (wear factors for bentonite and carbon) always refer to the amount of iron cast and the sand-to-iron ratio. By evaluating the mold material balance, preventative control of the current form sand system depending on the respective range of castings is possible.

The identification of the mold material balance serves the goal of ensuring a uniform make up of the sand composition which meets the requirements. In practice, additional effects such as dust discharge, the wall strength of the castings or the number of sand uses, are also recorded in order to find the suitable recipe to be used through ever more complex determination formulae.

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