Mold temperature

Castingmold temperature (see also die heating).

Fig. 1 illustrates the principle surface temperature curve of a die casting mold during a die casting cycle. Die heating is performed to set the mold to operating temperature (see die pre-heating) and to retain it in a certain temperature interval.

The mold temperature depends on the distance to the mold surface. Fig. 2 illustrates the mold temperature with distances of 0, 10, 20 and 30mm to the mold surface.

Leading heating device suppliers are the following:
Robamat Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, aic Regloplas GmbH, Thermobiehl GmbH, ToolTemp GmbH.

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  • Fig. 1:Surface temperature curve depending on the time during a die casting cycle, source: small figure on the left by Magmasoft GmbH
  • Fig. 2: Mold temperature depending on the mold surface distance T distribution calculated using Magmasoft, Magmasoft GmbH.