No-bake molding line

In general partially mechinized and/or partially automated equipemt for producing molds and cores using col-setting resin materials (see In der Regel teilmechanisierte bzw. teilautomatisierte Anlage zur Formherstellung und Kernherstellung mit Kaltharzformstoffen (siehe No-bake process).

Both flaskless and flask-bound moldings can be produced. In modern foundries, these molding lines are always adapted system solutions comprising different components. They are constructed by the supplier according to the framework conditions in the foundry, adapted and finally installed. The most important components of such cold-setting resin bolding lines are:

In case of complete cold-setting resing molding plants, manufacturers aim at the highest amount of rationalisation of working processes possible, from filling molds to emtying them. To keep cycle times as low as possible, separate working procedures are independent and connected through relevant transport plants (roller conveyors).

Due to the modular structure, the molding plant can be adapted to the caster’s requirements as well as to the space available in the foundry.

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  • Fig. 1: Transfer car CAD model,(GUT Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH, Freudenberg)
  • Fig. 2: Coating processing station with fully automatic viscosity adjustment (AAGM Aalener Gießereimaschinen GmbH)
  • Fig. 3:  A flask leaving the pre-stove, (GUT Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH, Freudenberg)