O.B.B. sand

Oil-bonded water-free molding sand that is delivered ready for use and cannot dry out due to this bond.

Its high green sand strength (see Green tensile strength) enables contour-accurate and exact castings. O.B.B sand is mainly used in the field of heavy metal, gray and sphero casting for components with thin to moderate wall thickness.

When applying the sandon the pattern, the first layer should generally be screened and slightly pressured on. Afterwards, the mold box can be filled up with unscreened sand.

O.B.B sand can be used as facing sand as well as recirculating system sand. If it is used as facing sand, it is introduced into the normal mold sand cycle (see Mold material cycle). If it is used as recirculating system sand (standard sand), it can be regenerated with O.B.B. oil and O.B.B paste.

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