Plug ladle

Casting ladle, which is emptied through the bottom of the ladle by a movable plug bar (Fig. 1). There is a spout or perforated brick in the bottom of the ladle (Fig. 2), which is opened or closed by a vertically movable plug bar. The actual plug is attached to the lower end of the plug bar.

Since the outflow speed decreases with decreasing metal level, the pouring performance also decreases until it reaches the value zero at the moment when the pan is completely emptied. Thus, the theoretical emptying time is not the same as the actual pouring time, as speed losses occur due to friction and constriction of the pouring stream. The actual pouring time (emptying time) for a given perforated stone diameter is determined as a function of the weighed-in ladle contents.

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  • Fig. 1: Principle of plug ladle; 03 melt; 08 plug; 09 plug bar; 11 spout; 12 perforated brick (Hagenburger Feuerfeste Produkte GmbH)
  • Fig. 2: Perforated brick (Hagenburger Feuerfeste Produkte GmbH)