Pneumatic Conveyor

Equipment for the continuous conveying of dry, granular and pourable bulk materials such as silica sand and similar products like this.

The pressure vessel conveyor SP-HL (Fig. 1, KLEIN  Anlagenbau AG) continually feeds the material in portions from the unpressurized inlet vessel into the pressurized conveying line. A smooth and continuous conveying process is ensured by extremely short filling cycles and constant air injection into the conveying line.

The advantages of the SP-HL in contrast to conventional conveyors, in which the conveying process is interrupted in order to decrease the conveying pressure and refill the pressure vessel, are:

• high conveying capacities
• considerable energy saving
• lower wear at conveying pipes and conveying material
• very compact design
• no preventive inspections by corresponding authorities required
• less waste air and less strain on the filter
• integrated electro-pneumatic timing control clocked by one inductive switch. Display of maintenance intervals. One fault message available
• for very high conveying capacities two SP-HL conveyors are combined to a tandem conveyor feeding one conveying line
• low maintenance expenditure. Excellent accessibility of wearing parts
• air-flushed cone valve

Performance characteristics are shown in Fig. 2 (KLEIN Anlagenbau AG).

  • Fig. 1: Pneumatic conveyor SP-HL (KLEIN Anlagentechnik AG)
  • Fig. 2: Graph of pneumatic conveyor (KLEIN Anlagenbau AG)