Pouring Machine

Device used for pouring on automatic molding lines and it is generally unheated. Similar designations are casting machine, pouring device, ladle pouring device, etc., but must not be confused with pouring furnaces.

In the ladle pouring devices, the vessel is tilted over the pouring spout until the liquid iron flows into the sprue of the casting mold. Here, the spout is fixed just above the sprue and the ladle rotated around this point. It is important that the pivot point is chosen so that there is no shifting of the pouring spout. This casting process is the same as pouring by hand, but the mold filling process is significantly improved in terms of the degree of automation in terms of reproducibility and accuracy.

The market for these pouring machines is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic casters (Fig. 1, Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH).

For example, the pouring machine shown in Figure 1 (Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH) is suitable for flask-bound and flask-free molding systems of all manufacturers, whether clocked or continuously driven. It is suitable for pouring of gray and nodular cast iron, steel and aluminum. Table 1 shows the advantages of the new automatic casting machines from Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH.

Important for pouring machines are the realization of the following points: weight-defined cut-off at the end of the pouring cycle and compact-sized pouring cups to reduce generation of recycle material. High reproducibility in series manufacturing. Implementation of Tundish cover process. Dosing units for crystallization of inoculants. Last but not least for clean pouring streams and extremely low-turbulence mold filling. The animation (Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH) shows in great detail the state of the art in complex pouring machine in automatic mode.

The process control and visualization system provide highly reliable, user-friendly control for your pouring machines and systems. Advanced data bus and network configurations are used to realize visualization and control of important processes in real time.

  • Fig. 1: Fully automatic pouring machine MAXPOUR Series (Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH)
  • Table 1: Advantages of pouring machines of the MAXPOUR Series (Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH)