Remelting unit

Induction heated facility for remelting of samples (Fig. 1, Linn High Therm GmbH).

If there is a metal sample in the form of chips, small pieces or powder, it cannot be analyzed with a spectrometer. They must be recast in a usable sample. Approximately 50 g of sample material are weighed into a ceramic or graphite crucible and inductively melted therein. Then the melt is cast with a centrifugal casting machine. The melt solidifies, and there is a disk-shaped sample is ready for spectral analysis after grinding.

The same method can be used to convert a grey cast iron sample in a white solidified sample.

The machine in Fig. 1 (Linn High Therm GmbH) will be used for preparation of metallic spectrometer samples with uniform composition for the spectral analysis. It consists of a 1,5 MHz, fitted with noise suppression, high frequency generator with output power of 3,3 kW which is mounted together with the under protective gas and optionally under vacuum working induction melting furnace and centrifugal casting device in a compact housing. The required space is approx. 1,0 m².

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  • Fig 1: Remelting and fusion unit for sample preparation for spectroscopy (Linn High Therm GmbH)