Schreitel diagram

Diagram used to determine the gate area of gray castings depending on the casting method. Figure 1 shows the diagram for calculating gate size for gray castings according to W. Schreitel.

To determine the gate size, in addition to the casting weight, the casting height h (Figure 2) which is largely dependent on the casting method is significant . In Figure 1 , a vertical line is drawn from the x-axis with the corresponding casting height h to the intersection with the corresponding casting weight curve: this means the curve which currently corresponds to the corresponding casting weight.

From this point of intersection, a horizontal line is drawn to the y-axis. The sum of the gate areas ΣsA can be read off the y-axis. In addition, the runner area sL, the downsprue area sE and the associated downsprue diameter dE for a gating ratio (downsprue:runner:gate) of 1 : 1.275 : 0.8 are given.

  • Fig. 1: Diagram for calculation of the gate size for gray castings according to W. Schreitel
  • Fig. 2: Casting methods and effective casting height for Figure 1 with distinction according to the direction of flow of the casting metal during mold filling