Shell molding machine

It is a machine for making shell molds and -cores according Croning method (Fig. 1, Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH). The application of the resin coatingsand can be done by shaking, blowing or shooting. The tool temperatures are generally between 250 and 350 ° C. The molding material is given by tilting bulk vessels into the mold. Under influence of gravity takes place contours forming. Higher strength and better surfaces are achieved when resin coatingsand is poured under additional pressure into the tool. The core box is locked to the molding sand bin and rotated by 180 °. The molding material falls into the mold and can be additionally compressed. After curing time the molding sand bin is rotated again and the thermally uninfluenced molding material trickles back. The height of temperature and duration of curing time affect the layer thickness of mold half respectively core.

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  • Fig. 2: Shell molding machine (Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH)