Single slagging process

Beim Schmelzen im Lichtbogenofen unterscheidet man zwischen dem Ein- und Zweischlackenverfahren.

When melting in an electric arc furnace, a distinction is made between the single and double slagging process.

In the single slagging process, only one slag is used, whereby the steel is melted, refined, alloyed, deoxidized and tapped.

Due to its design, the induction furnace is not so well suited for metallurgical processes such as refining, with the arc furnace these reactions can be carried out much more easily.

Nevertheless, the slagging process is also used for melting in the induction crucible furnace, although there is no need for refining.

Therefore, the composition of the input materials of each batch must be known, and the scrap must also be sorted carefully in order to meet the requirements for purity and chemical composition.

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