Solidification morphology

Expression use in metal science for describing the different types of crystallization and appearances of crystal structures that form during the solidification process (s. a. Solidification type).

A frequently used method for determining the solidification morphology is the quenching process. With this method, material samples are cast into small metal crucibles at different stages and are then quenched to solidification. By means of the metallographic grinding samples produced from those castings it is possible to explain crystal growth, crystal structure and the solidification morphology.

Figure 1 illustrates the exemplary solidification morphology of iron-carbon casting materials.

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  • Fig. 1: Solidification morphology of iron-carbon casting materials:A) Cast steelB) Primary solidification of cast ironC) Nearly eutectic GJLD) Nearly eutectic GJSE) Eutectic solidification of white cast iron (acc. to S. Engler)